Hors-Piste taps into and reveals the best of humans in your organization

Today’s organizational challenges are more and more complex and interconnected. We, at Hors-Piste, assist leaders and their teams in having the powerful conversations and the transformative experiences that allow them to meet these challenges. We are experts in facilitating creative discussions, framing eye-opening questions, and helping organizations navigate through ambiguity to lead them exactly where they need to be.  


Our services are useful to leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, and nonconformists who, like us, wish to create organizations where performance and wellbeing go hand in hand.  

Roadmap Design

We support our clients by charting roadmaps that help them define their aspirations, explore various scenarios, and establish ambitious game plans. We also help teams invest their talents and mobilize their energy for a common project.


Using a variety of cutting-edge facilitation techniques, we create memorable collective experiences for groups, small and large. We help them find meaning, strengthen their relationships, elicit their fullest contribution, and deliver results.


We support our clients in developing their ability to find enlightening solutions to their very real challenges. We ask key questions to help them reconnect to their power, explore situations and possibilities through different angles, and deploy their talents. 

We believe that each business challenge is an invitation to make your organization more agile and thrivable.

Here are the contexts in which we usually navigate :

  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Organizational transformation
  • Co-design/co-creation initiatives
  • Leadership development
  • Team alignment
  • Work climate, motivation, and commitment
  • Strategic and organizational project development
  • Process review
  • Branding of initiatives

Complementary experiences

The Hors-Piste team offers, in addition to consulting services, complementary experiences that help to find concrete solutions to the challenges you may encounter.


Kompass are innovative and proven workshops that allow employees and teams to regroup and learn strategies that lead to clarity, meaning and vitality in their work. Known to significantly increase employee well being, they reduce symptoms associated to stress, anxiety and burnout. Kompass workshops are designed for managers as well as employees.


Boostalab is a personal HR assistant available at all times. The platform provides a toolkit to address the most common management challenges. The tools are simple, clear and concretely explain how to take action. Perfect for those who have little time but do not want to do things halfway.

Dojo humanité augmentée

What if people were offered opportunities and practices to (re)connect with the most beautiful part of humanity, while providing them with means to neutralize certain toxic behaviors of those around them? To do this, it seemed essential to be able to practice, in a safe and welcoming environment, the experimentation, sharing and training of internal forces. From this desire came two complementary series of workshops: light and shadow.


We combine our expertise in management, organizational development, organizational psychology, project management, coaching, training, and facilitation, to tailor our interventions to your specific needs and to make each process unique.

Julie Bourbonnais

Organizational revitalizer | (514) 791-6253
Julie Bourbonnais has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational psychology and has accumulated 20 years of experience as a manager, consultant, trainer, coach, and facilitator. She’s known to be a dynamic and inspiring facilitator who helps leaders and organizations achieve their full potential. She particularly enjoys co-creative processes that foster innovation to solve complex problems and accelerate required transformations. For Julie, the organization is a “living system” that needs to be understood and nurtured with sensitivity and generosity. She profoundly believes in the potential of individuals and knows that when it comes to creating healthy and agile environments, anything is possible. She has an extraordinary capacity to make people feel immediately at ease. Her experience as a manager has helped her gain a good grasp of a variety of organizational issues. When worry and anxiety set in, you can count on her to appease the situation and channel creative energies. No matter what the challenges may be, she helps keep the organization’s vision alive. Julie is a caring and smart ally that will help keep projects on track and people connected to the meaning and intention behind every initiative.

Sylvie Beausoleil

Revealer of potential | (514) 702-3337
As a professional coach, Sylvie has accumulated 25 years of consulting and management experience in the arts, culture, and event production sectors. She has a Masters in Project Management and specializes in strategic and organizational project development. When you collaborate with Sylvie, you know you will be focusing on the key elements that will lead you to results. Methodical, she aligns intentions and actions in simple, flexible, yet rigorous processes that generate tremendous energy. She brings clarity to ambiguous contexts and knows how to generously spearhead the road ahead. Her ability to reveal raw talent, wherever it lies, allows her to nurture and stimulate people’s strengths and power, and to propel them to action. Sylvie injects creativity in the teams she supports, opening their minds to new ways of dealing with various issues. She increases the value of individuals and organizations and thus allows them to meet all the challenges they face! Obstacles do not discourage her, quite the contrary. Sylvie unleashes potential, boosts confidence, inspires the future, and helps ideas take form.

Solime Gaboriault

Meaning maker | (514) 571-1710
Solime has been working for nearly 15 years in the field of organizational transformation. He is particularly enthusiastic when it comes to reinventing and rethinking management models and practices. Equipped with a Masters degree in Management from HEC, one of Montreal’s top business schools, he has explored many facets of organizational development as an internal and external consultant. If Solime is convinced of one thing, it is that human beings are constantly searching for fulfillment. He believes that when a person reconnects to their dreams and to their desire for accomplishment, magic happens. These are the moments he loves to create in his work at Hors-Piste. His sense of humour helps break down barriers. But don’t be fooled! His joyous nature does not take away his ability to fine-tune the perfect intervention to meet his client’s needs. For that, there is no shortcut, no recipe. He dives in, explores, and allows meaning to emerge. Solime effortlessly sneaks in his secret weapon: play. He integrates sprightly elements in his interventions and, by the same token, injects them with surprising efficiency. It is important to him that everyone has fun and his clients always end up coming back for more!

Josiane Lavoie

Impact initiator | (514) 995-2373
With a Masters in psychology and an MBA, Josiane is skillful in dealing with human as well as structural aspects of organisations. Her 20 years of experience as a strategic consultant, manager, facilitator and coach allows her to rapidly understand the stakes at hand. Her ability to tactfully bring light to issues leads to awareness and reveals new perspectives. To access and liberate potential, she targets change areas that tend to have the most impact. She gets to the heart of systems, brings people together and stimulates the capacity of teams to efficiently address their challenges. Using powerful questions, Josiane liberates the group’s energy, activates its collective intelligence and propels it into action. Her expertise in improving work climates allows her to skillfully intervene in case of tension or conflict. Appeasing and helpful, she mobilises individual strengths. Josiane knows how to elicit people’s willingness to experiment new solutions and to explore unbeaten paths.


Over the years, Hors-Piste Team has worked in numerous organizations, small and large, from all sectors: private, public, and non-profit.  

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