Walking in the direction of what really counts

Workshops that promote health and psychological well-being in the workplace


When the pace and pressure increase and changes multiply, it can be difficult to hold the course. Kompass are innovative and proven workshops that allow employees and teams to regroup and learn strategies that lead to clarity, meaning and vitality in their work. Known to significantly increase employee well being, they reduce symptoms associated to stress, anxiety and burnout.  

Practical and concrete, each Kompass workshop includes information-sharing and experiential exercises.

Kompass workshops are designed for managers as well as employees. In groups of 12-20, participants are led to :   

  • Clarify what is really important to them, as well as the goals and values that give meaning to their personal and professional lives
  • Commit to actions that allow them to reach their goals and embody their values
  • Identify pitfalls that increase work-related stress and anxiety and implement simple and efficient strategies to avoid them 
  • Compose with perpetual changes 
  • Develop their mindfulness, which is their ability to be attentive and present to what is going in their inner and outer worlds. 

Participants are also invited to deepen their personal reflection and to practice, between workshops, their new skills. All participants are also given access to podcasts offering guided meditations that can be listened to between sessions.

The program represents between 8 and 12 hours of training, with can divided in different ways in order to adapt to your organisation’s specific needs.  They can also be held within or outside your workspaces.  


Kompass workshops were designed and tested in real-life situations by clinical and organizational psychology researchers and practitioners affiliated with the Groupe de recherche et d’intervention sur la présence attentive (GRIPA) of the Université du Québec à Montréal.

They are now delivered by Hors-Piste’s experienced and dedicated team! Their trainers, Julie Bourbonnais and Josiane Lavoie, are both organizational psychologists registered with the Quebec Order of Psychologists.

Julie Bourbonnais

Organizational psychologist

Josiane Lavoie

Organizational psychologist

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